Aerofit, LLC designs and manufactures high and low pressure fluid fittings, precision machined hardware and fitting systems for the aerospace, marine, nuclear and other critical industries.  Aerofit’s outstanding reputation for innovative engineering, quality products, systems and on-time performance make them the supplier of choice for major aerospace and industrial manufacturers . Aerofit is a QPL and a QML approved supplier.

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Aerofit, LLC
1425 S. Acacia Avenue 
Fullerton, California 92831 
Tel: 714-521-5060
Fax: 714-535-9862

Alicia Rojas / Myrone Vasquez

Product Info

Fluid Pressure Fittings/Precision Machined Hardware

Tube fittings and precision machined components manufactured to industry standards, customer standards or special designs are used extensively in aerospace fluid plumbing systems. These systems include, but are not limited to: hydraulic, pneumatic, fuel, oxygen, etc.  Products are available in many configurations using various materials.  An alternative to conventional tube attachment methods is Aerofit's revolutionary Shape Memory Alloy tube and fitting joining system (CryoFit®, Cryolive®, Lightweight Union and Cryflare®).  This technology offers a lower total installed cost and zero leak joints.

Products Include: 
Adapters • Unions • Sleeves • Tees • Elbows • Crosses • Tube/Hose Nuts  • Couplings • Nozzles • Collars • Flanges